Disruptive Electronic Warfare Machines

Empowering Today’s Warfighters

Our Mission

We deliver advanced electronic warfare solutions.

At Disruptive Electronic Warfare Machines (DEWM) we focus on the development, design, and delivery of innovative systems aimed at enhancing military training and operational capabilities.

Latest Update

We are excited to announce that DEWM has been awarded a SBIR Phase II to develop the next version of the DART system and provide CSAF Plan 53, and the Weapons System Evaluation Program (86FWS, Hill AFB UT, ACC), a tailored, targetable emitter suite. Together with the 86FWS, DEWM will help make WSEP into the most realistic, live fire threat environment in the world.

Our Flagship Product

DEWM’s Attritable Radar Target (DART)

The DART is a cutting-edge, man-portable radar target system designed to emulate modern surface threat RF signatures. It provides a realistic target for combat flying squadrons to train against, thereby revolutionizing munitions training and increasing mission success likelihood.

The DART system is designed from the ground up to be an “attritable” or expendable target, distinguishing it from more expensive, traditional threat emitters. This cost-effectiveness allows for widespread deployment and use without significant financial concerns for loss or damage.

Deliverable in C, X and S band variants, the DART system expands the available frequency band to more accurately replicate the types of threats that the Air Force expects to face, enhancing realism in training and evaluation exercises.

The DART in Action

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